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The new entry declarations for goods arriving from EU ports and airports will be introduced on 24 September 2022

Publication date 25.1.2022 13.42 | Published in English on 10.2.2022 at 12.20
Press release

The timetable for the changes to temporary storage declarations has been specified. The new declarations for goods arriving from ports and airports in the EU, Switzerland and Norway will be introduced on 24 September 2022. The message declarants will have a short transition period.

The changing temporary storage declarations

In future, the following entry declarations will be submitted either in the Customs Clearance Service or using updated messages:

  • temporary storage declaration
  • presentation notification submitted after the temporary storage declaration
  • temporary storage declaration and presentation notification
  • unloading report
  • declarations for movements between temporary storage facilities, such as temporary storage declaration after movement

After these changes, the current declarations submitted to the Arrival and exit system (AREX) for goods arriving from EU ports and airports will no longer be used.

Transition period for message declarants

Message declarants must start using the new declarations by 3 October 2022. The businesses must test the declarations with Customs. The testing can begin in May 2022. Customs will provide more information about applying for testing in February.

More information: UCC(at)tulli.fi 
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