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Customs is updating the controls of EORI numbers for import declarations on 5 February 2024

Publication date 24.1.2024 11.00
Press release

The controls of importers EORI numbers in import declarations began on 2 September 2023. The controls have not worked as planned, because of deficiencies in Customs’ systems. 

The deficiencies in Customs' systems have now been corrected, and updated EORI number controls will be introduced on 5 February 2024. If the importer’s identification number does not have EORI status, the import declaration will be rejected.

Providing the EORI number in the customs declaration

Instructions on how to provide the EORI number in the customs declaration is available on the webpage How do I submit a customs declaration.

The EORI number is usually mandatory. However, the EORI number is not provided for example when the importer is a private person or a diplomatic mission (additional procedure codes 622, 3KZ or 3RJ). 

Customs has updated the instructions for providing operator details 

Customs has published a new webpage Providing operator details, with instructions on how to provide operator details in the import declaration. (The page will be published in English as soon as possible.)

The instructions have been specified to meet the needs of new operating environments, international trade and the chaining of foreign trade. The instructions say, e.g. how you can provide the details of a company that has several offices in several countries.

Check if your business ID is also an EORI number

You can check the validity of the company’s EORI number in the Commission’s EORI number validation service. If your company doesn’t have an EORI number, apply for it via Customs’ EORI number application service.

More information

Importer: check if your Business ID is also an EORI number and be prepared that the EORI number application service may be busy (customer notice 24 August 2023)

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