Import declarations submitted for goods to be released for free circulation will be renewed 19 April 2021

More information about the new codes is available in Finnish and Swedish in our web seminars. See also the comparison between current additional procedure codes and codes to be used from April 2021.

How do I submit an import declaration?

You can submit an import declaration once you have received an arrival notice for the goods from the carrier or from Posti. Submit the customs declaration yourself or use a representative. The representative must present a power of attorney to Customs on request. 

The import declaration can be submitted

Points to consider

Businesses can log in to the service using identification and authorise another party to transact on their behalf under the authorisation. The mandate used in the service is “Customs clearance”. Customers who have an authorisation for payment deferment, that is, who can pay the customs invoice later, can obtain the release decision and customs clearance decision in the service straight away. Customs’ cash customers, in turn, can only obtain the release decision after they have paid the customs invoice.

Only goods that have arrived in Finland can be cleared by Customs.

If the goods have arrived in separate consignments, a separate import declaration must be submitted for each consignment. You can provide the date of arrival only once in the import declaration, and the details of only one means of transport.

If you don’t know what goods the consignment that has arrived contains, you can, for a charge, request an examination of the goods.

To submit message declarations, you need an authorisation granted by Customs. In message declaration, the business customer sends the customs declaration from its own system directly to Customs' system. Read more: Message exchange

The company completes the SAD form. The form can be completed in advance online, and then it must be printed on self-copying paper.

Customs' printed forms are sold at PunaMustas online store. The paper SAD must be submitted to the customs office that is closest to the goods and offers customs clearance services, during the opening hours of the office. Postal parcels can only be cleared at certain customs offices.

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