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EORI number – an important identifier in customs transactions

Importers and exporters who trade with countries outside the EU need an intra-EU business identifier – an EORI number – for almost all customs declarations. You can use this identifier in your transactions an authorisation to use one identifier in their transactions with the customs authorities of any EU Member State. Transport companies must also have an EORI number.

A Finnish private individual needs an EORI number for reporting goods subject to the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM goods) to the EU Commission. Apply for an EORI number from Customs. Companies established in another EU country must apply for an EORI number from the competent authority in that country.

Please note that you may have to provide the EORI numbers of several traders in a customs declaration. For example, the EORI numbers of the importer, the declarant and the representative (if any) must be provided in an import declaration. Read our instructions on how to provide the EORI number in the import declaration.

Check the validity of a company’s EORI number

If you have already applied for the EORI number earlier, you can check the validity of the EORI number in the Commission’s EORI number validation service. Type your EORI number in the field.

  • The EORI number of a Finnish company has the format FI + Business ID, e.g. FI1234567-8.
  • The EORI number of a Finnish private individual has the format FI-running date-yymmdd-hhmmss

Private individuals: The details displayed in the service vary depending on whether you have given your consent to the publication of the details or not. If you have given your consent, the service displays the EORI number as well as your name and address details. If you have not given your consent, the service only displays your EORI number.

  • export declaration
  • import declaration 
  • entry summary declaration
  • summary declaration for temporary storage
  • presentation notification
  • upon arrival, unloading report on goods in temporary storage
  • transit declaration 
  • entry summary declaration
  • “arrival at exit” notification
  • exit manifest presentation
  • exit notification.

The EORI number is also mandatory when accessing the EU e-services that require identification: These include:

  • Customs Decisions System (CDS) for applications of authorisations involving more than one Member State
  • BTI for applications of Binding Tariff Information, and
  • eAEO for applications of AEO authorisations
  • The INF service for special procedures where the INF number for special procedures is applied for
  • the CBAM reporting portal and when applying for the CBAM declarant status. 

How do I apply for an EORI number?

The EORI number needs to be applied for only once.

  • Companies: apply for registration at least two working days before submitting a customs declaration. 
  • Private individuals: apply for an EORI number immediately after you have declared CBAM goods for the first time. 

1. A Finnish company: 

2. Operators established in third countries (outside the European Union)

Apply for the EORI-number with the form in English 730e - Application – EORI registration730e - Instructions. The information content of the application is different to the application meant for Finnish companies. When completing the form, use only the Latin alphabet in the text fields. Send the completed form by secure email to 

3. Finnish private individuals

Apply for an EORI number using the form 1162e, Application, EORI registration for private person. When completing the form, use only the Latin alphabet in the text fields. Send the completed form by secure email to 

Any questions about the EORI number?

For more information on EORI registration, call the Customs Information Service, tel. +358 295 5200 (switchboard). You can also send questions to our EORI service point by email:

Provisions on the registration of economic operators are laid down in Regulation No 952/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council (published in OJ L 269, 10.10.2013).

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