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Commodity code service Fintaric

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In the Commodity code service Fintaric, you can

  • browse commodity codes
  • browse code lists containing supplementary information about commodity codes
  • calculate an assessment of the amount of import duties and taxes.

Fintaric is a public service that can be used without logging in.

Fintaric is tailored to the needs of Finnish importers and exporters and is based on data in the TARIC Consultation service of the European Commission. Fintaric also contains the national import and export restrictions.

Goods tree

In Fintaric, you can browse the following information:

  • commodity codes
  • customs duties and VAT
  • EU import and export restrictions
  • Finnish national import and export restrictions.

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Calculation tool

You can use the Fintaric calculation tool in estimating the amount of taxes and customs duties on the goods. The service contains information about the general customs duties, as well as about the preferential duties, anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties and additional customs duties. The service also displays the information about national taxes.

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Distribution service for traders

Traders can also get TARIC data in machine-readable format from the Fintaric distribution service. In this way, traders get up-to-date data on commodity codes directly to their own systems.

The distribution service is available via the portal. Software developers can download the technical descriptions of the distribution service as zip files. Read more about the Fintaric distribution service.

The Commission's TARIC Consultation

The Commission has a similar TARIC Consultation service for searching commodity codes. However, national restrictions are not shown in TARIC Consultation.

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