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Arrival and exit declaration service (AREX)

Go to the Arrival and exit declaration service (AREX) 

In the Arrival and exit declaration service (AREX), you can submit

  • declarations for goods arriving in Finland from outside the EU (by rail or road)
  • declarations for goods exiting the EU via Finland (by air, sea, rail or road)
  • declarations for non-Union goods that have been in temporary storage at a port and are to be reloaded (so-called transhipment goods) and that will exit the EU.

Please note that if the goods arrive in Finland by air or sea from outside the EU, the declarations are submitted to the Commission’s ICS2 system. As for traffic between Finland and another EU country, entry and exit declarations are submitted using the Customs Clearance Service.

Logging in

You can use the service to some extent without identification. Identification is required for submitting some of the declarations.

  • As an identified user you can to submit all the various entry and exit declarations. You can also browse the declarations you have submitted and save declarations as drafts.
  • As an unidentified user, you can only submit entry and exit summary declarations for goods transported by road.

Read more about identification

You will need the mandate “Customs clearance“ to act on behalf of a company in the service. Read more about mandates.

Print out the bar code – cross the border faster

You can speed up transactions at the border if you print out the MRN of the entry summary declaration for road transports as a bar code.

Print out the bar code in advance and give the printout to the driver. The driver can present the goods and the bar code to Customs upon arrival at the border.