Binding tariff information

Exceptional circumstances regarding the sending of samples concerning BTI application requests

Send your BTI application request in accordance with the instructions. Send a sample only when Customs requests it. Customs will send a request for additional information via the BTI system and provide instructions for sending the sample.

BTI and BrexitGuidance note published by the Commission on 23 December 2020 on the consequences of the end of the transition period. Sections A 2.2. and B 2.2. of the guidance note concerns BTI decisions.

Binding tariff information (BTI) is an electronically provided written decision on the commodity code applied to goods. As of 1 October 2019, the entire process starting from the application to the delivery of a decision to the decision holder will take place electronically through the BTI service. In Finland, decisions on binding tariff information are issued by the Customs Clearance Unit.

Binding tariff information can only be requested for import or export transactions actually planned regarding import to or export from the EU. Here, import and export also refer to special procedures.

A binding tariff information is valid from the day it is issued and cannot be used in an import or export transaction that has already taken place or where customs formalities have not yet been fully completed.

A BTI is valid for three years (decisions given before 1.5.2016 are valid for six years), but it may expire sooner e.g. due to a change in legislation.The decision is free of charge and valid throughout the EU.The decision is binding for both customs authorities and the holder of the decision.The holder of the decision is to enter document code C626 and the decision reference number in the customs declaration that is lodged for placing the goods referred to in the decision under the customs procedure. Please submit your application in Finnish or Swedish.

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  • EBTI database (decisions on binding tariff information by Member States)

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