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CBAM Transitional Registry

Go to the CBAM Transitional Registry

In the CBAM Transitional Registry, importers can submit reports related to the CBAM. Reports are required if you import goods subject to the carbon border adjustment mechanism, i.e. CBAM goods.

The CBAM Transitional Registry is maintained by the EU.

Logging in – businesses

Using the service requires identification. If you are a business customer, read the guidance on logging into the EU Trader Portal. Please note that in connection with identification, you must select “Customs” as the domain, even though you are submitting a CBAM report.

To act on behalf of a company in the service, you will need the mandate “Declaring the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism”. Read more about mandates.

Logging in – private individuals

Before logging in as a private individual, you must have these identifiers:

  • a valid EU Login account
  • a valid EORI number
  • Customs’ approval for logging into the CBAM Transitional Registry.

When logging into the CBAM Transitional Registry as a private individual, make the following selections:

  • Domain: Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism
  • Country: Finland
  • Type of actor: Economic Operator
  • Type of ID: EORI number
  • ID: Enter your EORI number here
  • I am acting on behalf of: Myself
  • Tick the box “I give my consent to request my Identity Profile information…”
  • Click on “Submit”

  • On the page that opens, under “Enter your e-mail…”, enter your EU Login identifier or the email address for which the identifier was created.
  • Click on the blue button “Next”.
  • On the next page, enter your EU Login password in the field “Password”.
  • Choose your verification method.
  • Click on “Sign in”.
  • If you use two-step identification, scan the QR code using the EU Login Mobile App.

Create an EU Login account

When logging into the CBAM Transitional Registry as a private individual, you will need to have an EU Login account. Create the account on the EU Login website.

See the guidance on how to create an EU Login account.

Apply for an EORI number and, with the same application, request access to the CBAM Transitional Registry

You will need an EORI number for the CBAM Transitional Registry. Private individuals apply for an EORI number using the form 1162.

With the same application, request Customs’ approval for logging into the CBAM Transitional Registry:

  • In the EORI application form, provide your EU Login identifier.
  • In the form, tick the box “I have imported or am importing CBAM goods, and I require access to the CBAM transitional registry. A copy of my proof of identification is enclosed with this registration form.”
  • Send the form to Customs by email. Enclose a scanned copy of an official proof of identity (passport or identity card). Copy the page or side with your photo.

Send the form to the email address indicated in the form. When you send personal data or other confidential information to Customs, we recommend that you use secure email. Read more about secure email

See the form 1162 and the general instructions on the EORI number for private individuals.