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Invoicing details for purchase invoices

Finnish Customs processes and archives its purchase invoices only as electronic invoices. From April 2021 onwards, the Finnish government will only accept electronic invoices that are compliant with the European Standard.

We ask that you send electronic invoices via OpusCapita Solutions Oy (formerly OpusCapita Group Oy), which functions as the state administration’s electronic invoice operator.

Our e-invoice address is:
E-invoice address/EDI ID: 003702454428
The intermediary is OpusCapitaSolutions Oy
Intermediary ID: E204503
Business ID: 0245442-8
VAT ID: FI02454428

Customs checks that the e-invoice corresponds to the order or contract made in writing. Beside mandatory details, the invoice details must also contain the name of the person who ordered the product or service as well as a reference to the order or contract.

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More detailed information about the content of the e-invoice and on alternative ways of producing e-invoices is available on the State Treasury’s website Invoicing the state.