Finnish Customs privacy statement

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, this privacy statement contains data for registered natural persons on how Finnish Customs processes personal data of data subjects.


Finnish Customs
Pasilan virastokeskus, Opastinsilta 12, 00520 Helsinki
PO Box 512, 00101 Helsinki
Tel. 0295 5299

Data Protection Officer

Laura Ala-Hannula

Your personal data is processed during the following Customs’ operations:

Rights of the data subject

The data subjects have the right to obtain confirmation from the controller on whether or not their personal data are being processed or have been processes. The data subjects may also have the right to request access to their own personal data

  • to request access to their own personal data (Use the PDF form in FinnishPDF form in Swedish)
  • request that the controller correct or delete data
  • request that the processing of personal data be restricted
  • object to the processing
  • withdraw their consent at any time.

If the data subject finds that the processing of their personal data is unlawful, the data subject has the right to appeal to the Data Protection Supervisor.

Protecting the processing of personal data

All Customs operations where personal data is processed, meet the principles of data protection by design and data protection by default. Customs has operational models for ensuring the obligations of the data subject and the controller. Personal data protection operations at Customs include: staff instructions and regulations as well as staff training; security agreements between organisations and non-disclosure agreements between persons who process personal data; status monitoring and in-house control; taking care of data security in data systems; encryption/anonymisation/pseudonymisation; audits as well as control and enforcement systems; codes of conduct as well as certificate requirements and other technical restrictions.

Legislation which governs data processing within Customs

Customs processes personal data to realise its statutory obligations and operations. There is always a legitimate basis for processing personal data. The laws and instructions below regulate Customs’ operations.


  • General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679
  • Data Protection Directive (EU) 2016/680, 2016/681
  • Personal Data Act (523/1999)
  • Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003)
  • Act on Customs Administration (960/2012)
  • Act on the Processing of Personal Data by Finnish Customs (639/2015)
  • Rules of Procedure of Finnish Customs (157/2018)
  • Government Decree on Customs Administration (1061/2012)
  • Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999)
  • Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/2446
  • Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/2446, Appendix A, which defines the data requirements for applications submitted to the authorisation services and decisions.
  • Archives Act (831/1994)
  • Customs Act (304/2016)
  • Statistics Act (280/2004)
  • Regulation (EU) No 952/2013 laying down the Union Customs Code
  • State Budget Act (423/1988)
  • State Budget Decree (1243/1992)
  • Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State (150/1992)
  • Decree on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State (211/1992)
  • The Constitution of Finland (731/1999), Chapter 7, State finances
  • Council Regulation (EU, Euratom) No 608/2014
  • Council Regulation (EU, Euratom) No 609/2014
  • The Vessel Traffic Service Act (623/2005)
  • EU regulations and provisions on statistics
  • Food Act (23/2006)
  • Chemicals Act (599/2013)
  • Consumer Safety Act (920/2011)
  • Act on Cosmetic Products (492/2013)
  • Toy Safety Act (1154/2011)
  • Act on Excise Duty (82/2010)

Regulations and instructions

  • Storage time and cover note for accounting material (18.9.2014, VK/329/00.01/2014; in Finnish and Swedish)
  • Allocation decision on undivided appropriations (30.9.2015, VK/853/00.01/2015; in Finnish and Swedish)
  • Division of the tasks and responsibilities between the service centre, the accounting units and funds of the administration department (4.5.2018, VK/442/; in Finnish)
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Changing the privacy statement

Customs has the right to change this privacy statement. We will inform you of the changes on our website, where you will also find the latest version of this privacy statement.