Changes to entry declarations and temporary storage declarations

The changes to the EU customs legislation will bring about phased changes to customs declarations in 2020‒2025. 

Declarations for goods arriving from non-EU countries – now

The following must be submitted to Finnish Customs via the arrival and exit declaration service (AREX) or via message exchange: 

  • entry summary declaration in maritime, rail and road transport 
  • combined arrival and presentation notification in sea and rail traffic

Regarding transports with shared cargo space, the arrival notification and the presentation notification are usually submitted as separate notifications. The entry summary declaration and the presentation notification together are regarded as a summary declaration for temporary storage. 

The details in a transit declaration submitted for goods arriving under the transit procedure are used as a summary declaration. The safety and security data can also be provided in the transit declaration, in which case no separate entry summary declaration is required.

For consignments arriving in air traffic, an entry summary declaration must be submitted in the ICS2 system for safety and security data. For them, a presentation notification must also be submitted to Customs via message exchange or in the Customs Clearance Service, when the consignment arrives in Finland.

Changes to declarations and notifications for goods arriving from non-EU countries

There will be changes to the entry summary declaration and, in the future, they will be submitted to the ICS2 system for safety and security data. The new declarations will be introduced for each mode of transport in several phases. The declarations for postal consignments were introduced in 2021; the declarations for air transport from 1 March 2023 and the declarations for the other modes of transport will be introduced in phases in 2024. 

The arrival notification, which will be a new notification, is separate from the presentation notification. It will be submitted after the entry summary declaration to the ICS2 system for safety and security data, when the goods arrive by air, sea or rail. These notifications cannot be submitted to the Finnish Customs system. 

The new declarations can be submitted either via the EU’s e-service or via message exchange. Message declarants must test the messages in the Commission’s testing service. If a message declarant uses an IT service provider for technical sending of messages, the IT service provider will test the message exchange. 

In addition to the entry summary declaration and the arrival notification, a presentation notification for goods unloaded in Finland must be submitted to Finnish Customs via the Customs Clearance Service or via message exchange. This notification will be tested with Finnish Customs. 

In Finland, there will still be no requirement to submit a separate temporary storage declaration for consignments arriving from outside the EU after the entry summary declaration and presentation notification have been lodged, if the first point of entry into the EU for the consignment is in Finland. 

If the transport company doesn’t have access to all the details required for the entry summary declaration before loading, the consignor or the forwarding agency can provide the safety and security data required before loading by submitting an entry summary declaration with only partial details and the number of the transport company’s master air waybill (MAWB). In that case, the transport company submits its own entry summary declaration with partial details after loading, before the arrival of the goods.

Entry summary declarations can be submitted with partial details in air, sea and rail traffic.
In the new entry summary declaration, the mandatory safety and security data include details of the seller and the buyer as well as the goods description and the commodity code at the level of at least six digits.

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