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Information about scam messages

Scam messages are very often sent in Customs’ name. Please note: Customs never sends

  • text messages with links
  • customs clearance requests concerning consignments
  • reminders on unpaid customs duties.

You may receive an email message

Customs may send you an email to the address you indicate in your customs declaration if you have already started your customs clearance using the Import Declaration Service for private persons or the Customs Clearance Service. In that case, you should log in to the service again, and do as instructed in the request from Customs.

Transport companies send arrival notifications on consignments to be cleared through Customs

If you have ordered goods from abroad or are expecting a gift to arrive from abroad, your transport company always sends you an arrival notification on the consignment that is to undergo customs clearance. You can clear your consignment and pay import duties in the Import Declaration Service for private persons or in the Customs Clearance Service.

Names of transport companies also used in phishing attempts

Numerous scam messages are also sent using the names of transport companies. If you suspect that a message involves phishing, contact the transport company when necessary. Very often, transport companies share information about ongoing phishing attempts on their websites and social media channels.

Why does a transport company ask for my personal ID number when it is clearing my consignment through Customs?

When a transport company sees to customs clearance on your behalf, it needs certain information for the clearance. For example, the personal ID number of the consignee is required.

The transport company is responsible for obtaining the required information.

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