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Customer information

We offer all our business customers support and guidance in customs matters. The aim is for our services to meet your company’s needs and for you to be able to make your customs declarations easily, swiftly and correctly.

General advice for business customers

The Customs information service gives your company free business advice, for example on commodity codes, import taxes, import and export restrictions or on how to start an import or export procedure.

Check the contact information for Customs’ customer services for businesses

User support for customer services and message exchange

The telephone support provides help, for example for logging in to the e-services or for filling in a customs declaration. There is also technical support for message exchange.

Check the contact information for support in transactions with Customs

Specific business information for key customers and Customs+ customers

The business information service is free of charge for key customers and Customs+ customers. The aim of the business information is to support your company’s customs expertise and to find out what kind of service you need. The aim is to find the most efficient ways for your company to handle customs transactions and to ensure that the terms and conditions of the customs services you use are clear.

Your company can receive specific business information, for example about new and changing customs operations or about message exchange in customs declarations. We also provide advice on specific issues relating to the application of procedures and on the authorisations granted by Customs as well as on guarantees.

Check the Business Information’s contact details.

Business information events for current needs

Customs organises business information events for individual companies as well as events targeting a certain group of companies with similar activities and information needs. In that way, we can provide important information precisely to the customers who need it. The events are organised, for example, when the customs or taxation legislation changes or new electronic systems are introduced. 

Customs’ Electronic Service Centre answers questions regarding individual customs declarations that are being processed.