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BTI service

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The BTI service (Binding Tariff Information) is an EU e-service for applying for decisions on binding tariff information for goods. Customs’ decision on your application will be available in the service.

Logging in

The applicant must have an EORI number.

Using the service requires identification. Users log into the service via the EU Trader Portal.To access the BTI service choose “BTI” in the Trader Portal menu. Read the guidance on logging into the EU Trader Portal.

To act on behalf of a company in the service, you will need the mandates “Applying for customs authorisations” and “Viewing customs authorisations”. Read more about mandates.

Note that, in addition to the binding tariff information, the mandated person can on behalf of the company also take care of any other transactions that require an authorisation. This means that, the mandated person can use both the EU’s e-service as well as the Finnish Customs’ Authorisations and Decisions Service.

How to apply for a BTI decision

  1. Make a separate electronic application for each item in the BTI service. The application must be completed in Finnish or in Swedish.
  2. Describe the item in such detail that it can be identified and its classification can be determined according to the customs nomenclature. Provide the precise composition, method of production, purpose of use and trade name of the goods. 
  3. Provide a unique reference number in your application.
  4. Send a sample only if Customs requests it. Customs will send a request for additional information via the BTI service and provide instructions for sending the sample.

Guidance on how to apply for a BTI decision in the BTI service (in Finnish)

If there is a long-term disruption in the BTI service, you can use the paper application form as the fallback procedure.

You can only use the form if Customs has permitted the use of the fallback procedure. Customs will use disruption notices to inform of the start of the fallback procedure.

BTI application form used in the fallback procedure and its completion instructions:

How to receive messages from the BTI service to your email address

Add your email address in the service, so that you will receive email alerts for messages sent by Customs, when the status of your application changes or when you receive a request for additional information or a decision.

Enter your email address via the user icon. From the menu that opens, choose Preferences -> BTI -> Email Alerts. Activate the email address field and fill in your email address.

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You can browse BTI decisions issued by EU countries in the EBTI database.