I’m visiting Finland from abroad

I’m visiting from another EU country

  1. Before you bring in the animal, be sure to check the requirements via the Finnish Food Authority’s search engine.
  2. You do not need to declare your pet to Customs, and your pet does not need to undergo customs clearance. However, note that Customs can check your pet and its documents.
  3. This also concerns pets brought in from Norway directly to Finland by road. 

I’m visiting from a non-EU country

  1. Before you import the animal, be sure to check the requirements on the Finnish Food Authority’s website. 
  2. When you arrive in Finland, choose the red channel. Present the pet and its documents to Customs.

Please note! If you arrive in Finland by air via another EU country and you pet travels as hand luggage, the pet and its documents must be inspected in the country where you make the stopover. This means that if you arrive from the United States and you change planes in Brussels, the pet must be inspected in Brussels. An inspection may not always be offered, but you need to make sure it is done. When you arrive in Finland after the stopover, you must have a stamped EU standard model health certificate for your pet. 

If the pet arrives in the cargo hold or as freight, it is usually inspected only in Finland.

Please note that you and your pet must travel to Finland via an approved point of entry.

Please note that customs offices on the eastern border are closed temporarily.

By air

  • Helsinki Airport

By road or railway

  • Imatra (temporarily closed)
  • Kuusamo
  • Niirala (temporarily closed)
  • Nuijamaa (temporarily closed)
  • Raja-Jooseppi (temporarily closed)
  • Salla (temporarily closed)
  • Vaalimaa (temporarily closed)
  • Vainikkala
  • Vartius

By sea and via the Saimaa Canal

  • Helsinki
  • Hamina
  • Nuijamaa (temporarily closed)
  • Hanko
  • Inkoo
  • Kotka
  • Loviisa
  • Mariehamn
  • Porvoo
  • Turku

I’m leaving Finland for a trip abroad

When you leave Finland with your pet, you need to take two sets of requirements into account: the requirements in the country of destination and Finland’s own requirements for bringing the pet back. 

Requirements of the country of destination

The requirements in different countries vary, and Finnish Customs does not know the restrictions of other countries. Only Finland’s requirements are mentioned on this page. To find out about the restrictions and requirements of the country of destination, contact e.g. the authorities of the country. It is important that you find out the requirements before you go on your trip. 

Finland’s requirements when you return from your trip

Before you bring the animal back to Finland, be sure to check the requirements on the Finnish Food Authority’s website. 

If you are travelling with a dog, it will need treatment against echinococcosis when it arrives in Finland from most countries. If you visit e.g. Sweden, Estonia or Spain with the dog, the dog must have a valid treatment against echinococcosis before you return to Finland. If your trip is short, the treatment against echinococcosis cannot be given at the destination, but must be started already in Finland before you go on the trip. For detailed instructions, see the Food Authority's website.

If you return to Finland from a country with a high risk of rabies, such as Turkey, the pet must have a rabies antibody certificate. Please note that you must obtain the antibody certificate before you leave Finland. Receiving the antibody certificate usually takes several months. 

There are also restrictions on the import of animal food if you arrive in Finland from outside the EU.