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Export simplifications

With an authorisation from Customs, you can simplify the export declaration process when you export goods from the EU, or, for example, when you export provisions to aircraft and ships (aircraft and ship supplies). This is called export simplification.  

Simplification when exporting goods outside the EU

If the details on the exact quantities of the export consignments are not available until after the loading of the means of transport at the customs office of exit from the EU, you can submit the export declaration in two stages. You will need an authorisation (SDE) to use the simplified declaration procedure.

Two-stage declaration procedure

  1. First, submit a simplified export declaration with estimated details. Based on this declaration, the goods are released for the export procedure. 
  2. Submit a supplementary declaration with the final details within ten days of the release of the goods for the export procedure. That is, the goods may exit before the supplementary export declaration is submitted. You can request more time for submitting the supplementary declaration using form 697.

Authorisation to use simplified declaration (SDE)

Apply for authorisation to use the simplified declaration procedure in the Authorisations and Decisions Service (in Finnish and Swedish). Customs grants the authorisation separately to each exporter. The exporter’s representative can make declarations on the exporter's behalf provided the representative is aware of the conditions of the authorisation, such as lists of the products covered. The authorisation can also be granted in the representative’s name.

There is no obligation to keep records in this procedure.

In the simplified declaration, you should provide all the details that are mandatory in the export declaration. If some of the details are unavailable when making the declaration, you can provide an estimate. Provide the following details:

  • inland mode of transport
  • identification of means of transport on departure
  • mode of transport at the border
  • identification number of active border transport means
  • nationality of active border transport means
  • number of packages (declaration header and goods item)
  • declaration header gross mass
  • goods item gross mass
  • goods item net mass
  • goods item supplementary unit
  • statistical value.

The details in the simplified declaration may be different from those in the supplementary declaration. However, the quantity details and statistical value in the supplementary declaration may not differ by more than 10 % from the estimated data entered in the simplified declaration.

Provide the following details at declaration header level in the export declaration:

  • additional information code 30100 (=simplified export, simplified declaration)
  • the details on the simplified procedure are entered under ‘additional documents’: 
    • document code = 7YML
    • document number = authorisation number
    • date of document = date of authorisation.

Simplification when exporting goods to aircraft and ships (aircraft and ship supplies)

Companies that have many tax exempt deliveries to aircraft and ships can submit simplified export declarations for the aircraft and ship supplies with an authorisation from Customs.