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Port Traffic Declaration Service (Portnet)

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Portnet is a service where agents of seagoing vessels notify authorities of the arrival and departure of the vessels. 

The notifications can be submitted either via Portnet or via message exchange. In Portnet, certain details of the vessel and the port call can also be added to the notification as an attachment.

Portnet is maintained by the Finnish Transport and Communication Agency Traficom and Finnish Customs.

Logging in

A company needs a user ID for Portnet. The user ID is issued by Customs, when the company has registered as a vessel’s agent. Read more about registering as a vessel’s agent in Regulation 3/2018 issued by Finnish Customs.

Arrival number for entry and exit declarations

From Portnet, you get the arrival number of the vessel. You need the arrival number for the presentation notification, when the goods arrive or exit.

The arrival number can also be easily obtained from the separate PortTraffic service. PortTraffic is a service maintained by Traficom that can be used without login.

If there is a disruption in Portnet, the sea traffic declarations can be submitted using forms. You can only use the fallback procedure forms if so instructed by the Customs’ sea traffic group.

Send the forms by email to Customs’ sea traffic group at meke(at)

Time limits

Send the forms within the prescribed time limit. See Regulation 3/2018 issued by Finnish Customs for more information on the time limits for the different declarations.

Crew and passenger lists and maritime declarations of health

The crew and passenger lists as well as the maritime declaration of health can be sent by email without a specific order from Customs  if there is a disruption in Portnet.

The crew and passenger lists shall be sent by email to the following adresses:

  • Finnish Customs: meke(at)
  • Finnish Border Guard: ennakkotarkastus(at)

If the answer to the query regarding maritime health is “Yes”, send the maritime declaration of health to the address duty24(at)


The following sea traffic forms can be used for the fallback procedure:

  • IMO FAL 1 – General declaration (combined general declaration and fairway due declaration form)
  • IMO FAL 2 – Cargo declaration
  • IMO FAL 3 – Ship’s Stores Declaration
  • IMO FAL 4 – Crew's Effects Declaration
  • IMO FAL 7 – Dangerous Goods Manifest
  • 995e – NSW Crew list, ver 1.0
  • 996e – NSW Passenger list
  • 1002e – NSW Security
  • 1003e – NSW Waste
  • 1089e – Maritime declaration of health

Sea traffic forms

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