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Via Finnish Customs’ e-services and the EU Trader Portal, businesses can submit declarations, apply for authorisations and find information they need for declarations and applications.

General tips on using e-services:

  • Most of our services require identification with online banking ID codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card. If you are a non-Finnish national, you can identify yourself in some of the services using the Finnish Authenticator application.
  • To act on behalf of someone else you need mandates. (The link is not yet functional.)
  • Businesses need an EORI number for almost all transactions. 

Check the instructions on the presentation page of the e-service.

Declaration services

Declaration support services

EU Trader Portal

  • Proof of Union Status system (PoUS) (endorsement of proof of Union status of goods)
  • CBAM Transitional Registry (submitting emissions reports on CBAM goods)
  • BTI service (applying for binding tariff information decisions)
  • Customs Decisions System (CDS) (The link is not yet functional) (applying for authorisations)
  • eAEO service (The link is not yet functional) (applying for authorisations for AEO status)
  • INF Special Procedures (The link is not yet functional) (applying for INF numbers)
  • Registered Exporter System (REX) (The link is not yet functional) (right to certify the origin of goods)
  • ICS2 Declaration Service for Safety and Security Data (STI-STP) 
  • TRACES (creating entry documents)

Services by other authorities