Re-export, means exporting other than Union goods outside the EU customs territory. Goods that are re-exported have not been cleared for free circulation within the EU, thus the goods have not received Union status. Goods to be re-exported are under custom supervision at all times, until they exit the EU.

The same customs formalities and trade policy measures are applied to re-exportation as to exportation. The same restrictions often apply to re-exportation as to other exportation. Read more: Export restrictions

Re-export is a broad concept and it also includes transit goods that are not placed under any customs procedure within the EU customs territory. Examples include: transhipments of transit goods at ports and airports or intermediate landings or stops within the customs territory. In these cases, transit goods are either only moved to another craft, which leaves the customs territory, or they remain in an unchanged state aboard the transport vehicle.

Re-export of goods under special procedures

If third country goods located within the customs territory of the EU have been placed under a special procedure, a re-export declaration must be submitted for their re-export. Read more: Import procedures – Special procedures

Re-export from a customs warehouse

When goods placed under the customs warehousing procedure are re-exported outside the Union, a re-export declaration must be submitted for the goods. While the goods are under the customs warehousing procedure, they can be moved with a re-export declaration to the place of exit, which is located in Finland or in another Union Member State. No separate authorisation is needed to move the goods. After submitting the re-export declaration, the goods can be placed under the transit procedure. Read more: Customs warehousing

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