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Fallback procedures during a disruption

“Fallback procedure” refers to an exceptional procedure for lodging customs declarations, when there is a disruption in Customs' or the customer's system. Fallback procedures can be used by businesses.

When there is a disruption in Customs’ system, you can start using the fallback procedure when Customs publishes a service interruption or disruption notice. Subscribe here to receive our service interruption and disruption notices to your email address.

What to do during a fallback procedure

  • Arrival and exit fallback procedure (Arrival and exit declaration service (AREX), (Customs Clearance Service (UTU)
  • Import fallback procedure (Customs Clearance Service (UTU)
  • Export fallback procedure (Export Declaration Service (ELEX)
  • Transit fallback procedure (Customs Clearance Service (UTU)
  • Fallback procedure in customs warehousing (Customs Clearance Service (UTU)

The user guide for the EMCS service (service for reporting the movement of excise goods under duty suspension) and the instructions on the fallback procedure are available (in Finnish) on the website of the Finnish Tax Administration.