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Applying for AEO Authorisations

The application process for an AEO authorisation takes a maximum of 120 days. You will receive instructions and advice from Customs’ experts during the whole process.

You can test in advance whether your company is suitable as an AEO with the help of a questionnaire (in Finnish). You don’t need to send the answers to Customs.

1. Contact Customs

First, contact Customs’ Business Information aeo@tulli.

2. Tee hakemus

Submit your application in EU’s common trader portal for eAEO.  With one application, you can only apply for an authorisation for one EORI number.

Fill in the AEO self-assessment questionnaire as well. It must be attached to the application.
In addition, descriptions and instructions must be attached to the application. They will be used e.g. to find out your company’s financial situation as well as the security of your company’s customs clearance and logistics activities. Add an attachment to the application with the following details:

  • Owners of the company
  • Person responsible for customs matters
  • All offices and contact information
  • Contact information of related customers or suppliers
  • The applicant’s organisation

Note that the self-assessment questionnaire and the other attachments must be packed into a zip file or converted into a pdf. The reason being that you can only add one attachment to the application in the service.

If the requirements are met, Customs accepts the application for processing and begins the assessment of the application. You will be informed of this in the trader portal for eAEO.

3. Meeting with Customs

Customs will contact you and arrange for an initial meeting.

The initial meeting will include an agreement on when and how you will provide the necessary descriptions and instructions to Customs. In addition, it is agreed on which premises will be visited by Customs for the assessment.

4. Assessment visits

Customs makes assessment visits to those premises of the company that are relevant for customs operations. The nature and extent of the company's activities determine the number of visits required. On average, there are 2–3 visits.

Customs presents the results of the assessment to the company. If needed, you can request additional time to make changes in the company.

The assessment examines, among other things, the audit trail of the company's accounting records and data flows, the financial and logistical management systems as well as internal control systems and the physical security arrangements. Furthermore, the assessment includes the company’s goods flow control and related descriptions and instructions, e.g. customs clearance practises, archiving of documents as well as data security.

5. Granting of AEO authorisation

If the application is accepted, Customs grants your company AEO authorisation. The AEO authorisation is published on the EU Commission's website if the company has given its consent to this.