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Customer training

Customs offers its customers training, both for free and for a fee. 

We organise customer-training events for different target groups, e.g. about customs transactions and changes in customs legislation. These events are open to all.

You can also order training for a fee for your company. These training events are planned according to your needs. Please contact Customs’ training services.

Future training events

Order Customs’ customer notices to you email address, and you will receive information on future online seminars and other customer training events.

Utilise the materials from the online seminars

Watch recordings of past online seminars on Customs’ YouTube channel

Further Qualification in Customs Operations

If your work with customs transactions, you can complete the training that leads to further qualification in customs operations. The Further Qualification in Customs Operations consists of two competence areas: Customs Services and Customs Control. The competence area Customs Services or parts of the qualification can be completed not only by Customs’ personnel but also by persons working in businesses with customs clearance, forwarding or vessel clearance tasks.

Further Qualifications in Customs Operations and the training is organised by Omnia. More information on completing the training and how to apply for the qualification is available in Finnish on Omnia’s website.

The Further Qualification in Customs Operations is a competence-based qualification. The prerequisite for completing the qualification is that the applicant works in a position suitable for the basics of the Further Qualification in Customs Operations. See Further Vocational Qualification in Customs on the website

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Customs’ customer training, please contact us