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Check these before clearing the parcel

1. You know that the parcel has arrived

You have received from Posti or some other transport company a notice of arrival of the shipment in Finland. You can clear the consignment as soon as you see this message in Posti’s item tracking service “Your shipment is waiting to be cleared”.

2. You have an account on the value and content of the parcel 

An account on the value and content of the parcel can be, for example, an order confirmation or an invoice. 

3. Can the goods to be cleared be found in the manifest

Find out if the goods are included in this goods list of the declaration service (excel). If it’s included, it means that the goods in question can be found easily in the declaration service by searching, and you will not have search for the commodity code. If the goods cannot be found in the list, find out the commodity code via the Commodity code service Fintaric or via Customs Information. After this, you can clear the goods by using the commodity code.

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Technical requirements of the service

Customs clearance tips

  • Clear the goods in one session. You cannot save an incomplete declaration and return to it later. 
  • You have successfully cleared the goods when you see the text “Thank you for clearing your goods! The goods were successfully cleared.” Customs will not send you a separate email message about successfully cleared goods.
  • Your clearance details, decision on release and Customs’ requests for additional information and corrections, are available in the service under ‘My declarations’. The clearance decisions and decisions on release are stored for 90 days.
  • Check the notice of arrival of your consignment to see whether you personally need to submit the decision on release to the transport company. Without the decision on release, the transport company will not be able to complete the delivery of the parcel.

Visit also the page – About customs clearance, which has basic information on customs clearance:

Go to the page About customs clearance


Frequently asked questions about import clearance

I have received an arrival notification from Posti regarding a gift, which I don’t think needs to be cleared through Customs, since the value limit or time limit is not exceeded, nor does the consignment contain goods that are always subject to import taxes. What should I do?

  • Declare the consignment in the Import Declaration Service for private persons. Choose that you wish to declare a gift sent by a private person. For the declaration, you need to know the content and value of the gift and you need the notice of arrival.

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How to declare your purchases from another EU country to the Åland Islands in the Import Declaration Service for private persons



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