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Declare your parcel

Read the instructions and declare your consignment.

Go to the Declaration Service Private customer

Parcels worth 150 euros or less

Advice on declarations: tel. +358 295 521 008, Mon–Fri 8 am–6 pm (valid until further notice)

All parcels arriving from outside the EU must be declared from 1 July 2021.

What do I need for declaring a consignment?

  1. A notice of arrival

    Declare your parcel as soon as you receive the notice of arrival from Posti or some other transport company.

  2. An order confirmation, receipt or other proof

    You should ensure that you have a document showing the goods you are declaring and their value.

  3. What will happen after the goods have been declared?

    Parcels carried by Posti

    In order to receive your parcel from Posti after the goods have been declared, you may have to pay Posti’s handling fee Posti’s handling fee first. In Posti’s Item Tracking you can track where your parcel is at any particular moment during its movement.

    Parcels carried by some other transport company

    Check the notice of arrival to see if you have to submit the decision on release to the transport company yourself. If you need the decision on release, you can get it from our Customs Clearance Service. In the item tracking service of the transport company, you can track where your parcel is at any particular moment during its movement.

    For specific instructions on how to declare, see our Customs Duty Calculator or our YouTube video. Sign language instructions for declaring goods are available at our site “Viittomakielellä” (in sign language, in Finnish)”.

Import declarations for businesses 

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