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The trader office identifier is used in the new import declarations

21.5.2021 9.00
Press release

In the new import declarations, the trader office identifier replaces the earlier T extension that was used to specify the trader office. The different trader offices of companies that are registered customers of Finnish Customs may each have a trader office identifier that indicates the name and address details of the trader office. If no trader office identifier is provided in the declaration, the name and address details of the company’s head office will be automatically generated for the customs clearance decisions. Similarly, if the company wants the consolidated invoice, i.e. periodic filing, to be sent in paper form to a specific trader office, it must provide the identifier of that trader office. If the importer uses a representative for submitting declarations, the representative must always provide their own trader office identifier in the declaration.

What is the trader office identifier and where can I check it?

When you apply for an authorisation or a registration from Customs, Customs will record a trader office identifier or identifiers for your company. 

In the “My details” service, you can check the identifiers of the trader offices for which you have provided the addresses to Customs in applications for customs clearance authorisations. In the service, there are no trader office identifiers issued by Customs to companies for Intrastat declarations or in connection with EORI registration. Beside the name, address and trader office identifier, you can also check the reservation status of the import guarantee. Log in to the “My details” service using Suomi.fi identification and the mandate “Viewing of customs activity customer data”. For the time being, a company cannot authorise a representative to use the “My details” service to check the trader office identifiers of the company they represent.

If you wish to update the trader office details of your company, you can request an update via the “My details” service with a free-form message. The update requests are processed by the Customs Authorisation Centre.

The importer must provide the identifier to the representative

Provide the trader office identifier also to your representative who submits customs declarations, if you wish to have the address of a specific trader office in the customs clearance decisions.

If the importer wishes to receive the invoice as an e-invoice (additional information code FIVER), the submitter of the declaration does not need to provide the trader office identifier. However, the identifier must be provided if you want the address of a specific trader office instead of the head office details to be shown in the importer details. If neither the importer’s trader office identifier nor the e-invoicing address is provided in the declaration, Customs will send the periodic filings to the head office address registered in the Finnish Business Information System (BIS). Customs only sends periodic filings to importers who have provided a guarantee to Customs and therefore have authorisations for comprehensive guarantee and payment deferment issued by Customs. 

The trader office identifier will be introduced in stages

The trader office identifier is already in use in customs warehousing declarations and in the new import declarations. The identifier will be introduced later for import declarations for special procedures and simplified import declarations as well as for export, transit, entry and exit declarations, when these declarations start to be submitted to the new Customs Clearance System. For the time being, the T extensions are still used in these declarations as specifying details of the trader office.

More information: yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at)tulli.fi
Customer notice“My details” service opened for businesses – check the service for the trader office identifier required in new customs declarations (30 November 2020)

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