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Traffic across the eastern border to end temporarily as of 30 November 2023

Publication date 29.11.2023 15.12 | Published in English on 29.11.2023 at 17.09
Press release

The Government has decided to close the border crossing point of Raja-Jooseppi in addition to the border crossing points that were closed earlier. Entry into Finland at the eastern border has continued despite earlier restrictions. According to the assessment of the Finnish authorities and the Government, instrumentalised migration and the risk of its escalation pose a serious threat to national security and public order.

Due to this decision, the goods and passenger traffic by road at the land border between Finland and Russia will also end at the border crossing point of Raja-Jooseppi on 30 November 2023, in addition to at the border crossing points of Imatra, Kuusamo, Niirala, Nuijamaa, Salla, Vaalimaa and Vartius. The decision will remain in force for two weeks until 13 December 2023. The freight train traffic in Vainikkala will continue.

You can check alternatives for your customs transactions and the service hours of the customs offices on the Finnish Customs website.

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