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Customer service continues normally at other customs offices than Vaalimaa, Imatra, Nuijamaa and Niirala

Publication date 17.11.2023 16.59 | Published in English on 20.11.2023 at 14.52
Press release

In accordance with the decision made by the Finnish Government, the border crossing points of Vaalimaa, Nuijamaa, Imatra and Niirala will be closing starting on 18 November 2023. After this, there is no customer service available at these customs offices. However, customer service is available normally at all the other customs offices.

For example, you can verify T2L documents proving Union status  and certificates of origin, such as EUR.1 or A.TR movement certificates, at any customs office that is not closed through the Government's decision. You can also have EUR.1. and A.TR. movement certificates verified by post at Kotka customs office.

You can check alternatives for your customs transactions and the service hours of the customs offices on the Finnish Customs website.

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