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Importers and transport companies need an EORI-number for tax border declarations involving Åland

Publication date 17.6.2022 16.01
Press release

In the future, importers who bring in goods across the tax border from another EU country to Åland or between Åland and the rest of Finland, will also need a business ID, i.e. an EORI number, for their declarations. EORI (Economic Operators´ Registration and Identification) is an EU-wide system where importers, exporters and other economic operators are registered. With the EORI-number, the operator can be identified. 

The same applies if your company transports goods from another EU country to Åland or between Åland and the rest of Finland; you will need the EORI number for the presentation notification. You can read more on how to submit a presentation notification (in Finnish and Swedish) Read also the previous notice on upcoming changes in customs declarations involving Åland (in Finnish and Swedish) 

If your company does not yet have an EORI number, you should apply for an EORI number as soon as possible. That way, you can ensure that the customs declarations can be processed smoothly even in the future. The EORI number is a mandatory detail in customs declarations from 5 November 2022.

How do I apply for an EORI number?

Apply for an EORI number online in Customs’ e-Services. identification is used when logging in to the service. Read more on identification and granting mandates.

Alternatively, the EORI number can be applied for with Customs form 730e. Send the completed form to the email address th.eori(at)

The average processing time for the EORI application is two working days.

Does the company already have an EORI number?

You can check the EORI registration in the public service on the EU’s website. You can search the service based on the EORI number. The EORI number of a Finnish company is made up of the country code FI + Business ID, e.g. FI1234567-8.

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