How to identify yourself and grant authorisations e-Identification and e-Authorisations will gradually be introduced for all of Customs’ e-services. Businesses will continue to use the Katso ID until all our customers have access to identification and authorisations.

Why does it pay to be identified when using our services?

Even though a service does not require identification, the process runs smoother when you are identified. An identified declarant can usually carry out their business electronically without having to visit a customs office. Moreover, an identified user can use previously lodged declarations as templates for new declarations and can browse previous declarations in the service for a specific time. However, declarants using the Transit Declaration Service must always visit Customs when starting a transit procedure.

Who cannot as of yet use identification and authorisations? identification and authorisations cannot be used as of yet by

  • estates, business partnerships, deemed partnerships, joint administrations and public organisations
  • associations and foundations
  • foreign persons or companies
  • companies in which two or more persons jointly have the authority to sign on behalf of the company.

If you belong to one of these groups, you can start using identification and authorisations in the course of the year 2020 as and when new features are implemented. You will be informed of these features separately once we have a more detailed schedule.

More information on identification:

Private customers

As an identified customer in our e-services you can

  • clear your goods and pay import duties
  • submit export declarations
  • submit attachments to export and transit declarations
  • send a question to our service Contact Customs Information.

You can identify yourself in different ways

If you have a Finnish personal identification number, you can identify yourself with

  • online banking codes
  • a mobile certificate (a mobile phone with a SIM card that has a mobile certificate) or
  • a certificate card (an identity card granted by the Police, an organisation card granted by VRK, i.e. a civil service card, or the card for professionals in social services or medical professionals, i.e. a Sote ID card ).

Read more on the means of identification used by Customs: Information on e-Identification (

If you cannot identify yourself electronically, you can do business with us in alternative ways or use a representative, for instance a forwarding company or Posti. Customs clearance cannot be done over the phone or by email.

Identifying an EU citizen

Unfortunately, eIDAS identification is not yet in use in our Import Declaration Service, our service Contact Customs Information and Export Declaration Service or Attachment Upload. You can, however, do business with us in the following ways:

  • Authorise another person to submit an import declaration, i.e. perform customs clearance, on your behalf online in our in our Import Declaration service.
  • Ask for advice by phone from the Customs Information Service.

  • Authorise an agent, e.g. a forwarding company or Posti, to perform customs clearance on your behalf.
  • Submit an export declaration without identification in our Export Declaration Service
  • Send attachments to Customs by email.
  • Visit a customs office. Contact information and opening hours

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Companies and corporations

As an identified customer in our e-services you can

apply for Binding Tariff Information

apply for AEO authorisation

  • clear your consignment and pay import duties
  • submit export declarations
  • apply for an authorisation for comprehensive guarantee and an authorisation for payment deferment
  • submit attachments to export and transit declarations
  • submit declarations on transit area movements of goods
  • submit declarations on the arrival and exit of goods
  • submit customs warehousing declarations
  • send a question to our service Contact Customs Information
  • apply for an EORI-number
  • submit Intrastat declarations on intra-EU trade
  • submit VAT declarations on imports concerning the Åland Islands
  • test cases in the direct message exchange for customs warehousing
  • test sending attachments to declarations in the message exchange for import, export and warehousing
  • apply for authorisation involving more than one Member State
  • apply for Binding Tariff Information
  • apply for AEO authorisation


Schedule for identification and authorisations at Customs identification and authorisation is used in the Customs Decisions System (CDS), the Binding Tariff Information (eBTI) and the AEO application service (eAEO). As for Åland tax border declarations identification and authorisations will be introduced on November 2019.

As regards import, export, Intrastat declarations, security data declarations, transit and other authorisation matters, identification and authorisations will be implemented during early 2020. 

The solutions for identifying foreign nationals and for providing authorisations for special groups will be ready at a later stage. We will provide information on these separately. 

The services will be published on this page as and when the identification and authorisations are introduced in them. Katso identification can be used until all customers have access to identification.  

You will have access to all Customs-related authorisations on our authorisations page and on the e-Authorisations service page.

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