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How to identify yourself and grant mandates

You can log into Customs’ e-services using your online banking ID codes, your mobile certificate or your certificate card. You will be automatically transferred to identification from the Customs e-service you have chosen. 

When you identify yourself online, your transactions with Customs do not usually require you to visit a customs office. You can also use declarations you have submitted earlier as templates for new declarations and browse them in the service to a limited extent for a specific period of time. However, declarants using the Transit Declaration Service must always visit Customs when starting a transit procedure.

The persons who are responsible for the company’s customs transactions must also be authorised for customs transactions in the e-Authorizations service. A company’s CEO or any other person with the right to sign for the company grants the mandate. 

Who cannot yet use identification and authorisations in Customs’ e-services?

1. Businesses and corporations that do not have any persons authorised to represent them entered in the Finnish Trade Register, the Finnish Business Information System (BIS) or the Finnish Register of Associations 

Such businesses and corporations are, among others:

  • general partnerships and limited partnerships that do not have a CEO, a deputy CEO or any persons authorised to represent them individually entered in the Trade Register.
  • associations that do not have any persons authorised to represent them individually entered in the Register of Associations.
  • corporations, such as municipalities, parishes, educational institutions, foundations, business partnerships, death estates and public authorities, that do not have any representatives entered in the register.
  • foreign businesses that do not have any representatives entered in the Trade Register.

They can use the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s Mandate service provided by officials for registering mandates and for granting mandates independently. You can start the mandate registration process by sending a mandate application and the required appendices to the mandate service provided by officials.

2. Persons who do not have a Finnish personal identity code

Foreign citizens employed by businesses can use the Finnish Authenticator app to access some of Customs’ e-services. Read more on page identification for foreign citizens.

Identification and authorisation of private customers

As an identified customer in our e-services you can

  • clear your consignment and pay import duties
  • submit export declarations
  • submit transit declarations
  • submit attachments to export declarations
  • submit customs warehousing declarations.

If you have a Finnish personal identity code, you can identify yourself with online banking codes, a mobile certificate (a mobile phone with a SIM card that has a mobile certificate) or
a certificate card. Read more about identification

If you cannot identify yourself electronically, you can do business with us in alternative ways or use a representative, for instance a forwarding company or Posti. Customs clearance cannot be done over the phone or by email.

Identification for EU citizens

eIDAS identification for EU citizens is not yet available in our e-Services. You can still transact with us in other ways.

Authorisation of private customers

You can declare a consignment also on behalf of another person in the Import Declaration Service for private persons. You can grant a mandate, i.e. an authorisation for another person to declare the goods on your behalf. Respectively, another person can grant you a mandate for declaring a parcel on his or her behalf.

Read more: Transactions on someone else’s behalf in the Import Declaration Service for private persons

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