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Finnish Customs has a new website – explore and give feedback

Publication date 24.4.2024 15.30 | Published in English on 24.4.2024 at 16.04
Press release

On the new website of Finnish Customs, the main focus is on providing easily accessible and understandable guidance for customers. We continue to develop the website after launch, and we would like to get feedback and opinions from our customers. 

Now it is easier to find the most important and the most frequently used contents on the website. The guidance for businesses is clearer and the information about current topics and customer service channels is more visible. For private individuals, there is also a section about what goods can be ordered and brought to Finland. 

On the new website, you can also see Customs’ new visual identity, which will be introduced in stages also in our other channels.

Explore our new website at

We have developed our website together with customers

When transforming our website, we have made use of the information and feedback from website users as well as the know-how of those of our employees who interact with customers. The functionality and clarity of the new website has also been tested with customers, and they have had the opportunity to comment on the beta version. We have had 50 customers involved in testing or interviews. We have also received comments from almost 400 customers.

Website development continues – some of the guidance still on the old website

Most of the guidance is already available in its new format on the new website. However, the website is still partly under construction, and some of the contents can still be found via the old website. During the summer and early autumn, the rest of the contents will be transferred to the new website and the old website will be taken offline. 

Are you subscribing to our notices?

Make sure that you receive the notices you have selected also in the future. You can subscribe to notices on our website Subscribe to notices and you can unsubscribe via the link at the end of the message.  

Give us feedback

We continue to develop our website, and we would like to get customer feedback. Let us know what works and what we could still improve. You can give feedback on the website using the feedback form.

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