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Financial operators

The Bank and Payment Accounts Control System is a digital channel for submitting bank and payment account details to competent authorities (data users).

To provide the bank and payment account details of their customers, financial operators (data suppliers) must either join the Accounts Register or establish their own data retrieval systems. Both procedures require operators to undertake preparations for which Customs offers instructions on these pages.

Credit institutions are obligated to maintain a data retrieval system. Credit institutions can ask the Financial Supervisory Authority for an exemption from the obligation to maintain such a system. In practice, this means joining the Accounts Register.

Payment institutions, electronic money institutions and virtual currency providers can choose between implementing a data retrieval system and joining the Accounts Register.

The Accounts Register, i.e. the bank and payment accounts register, is a system built and maintained by Customs. It consists of technical data updating interfaces and query interfaces. The information in the Accounts Register consists of data which data suppliers submit regarding accounts, customers and safety deposit boxes, and which data users can make queries on.

A data retrieval system is built by the data supplier’s organisation, and comprises the data supplier’s own systems, as well as the technical query interface defined by Customs.