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Data user

Competent authorities and the Bar Association are data users. These parties are specified in the Act on the Bank and Payment Accounts Control System. Separate legislation on each party utilising information provides for information acquisition rights.

The Bank and Payment Accounts Control System gives data users access to a digital and secure channel for obtaining data on bank and payment accounts from credit institutions, payment institutions, electronic money institutions and virtual currency providers.

Aggregating application

The aggregating application is a system created and maintained by Finnish Customs that enables data users to obtain data from the Customs-maintained Accounts Register and from individual data retrieval systems with a single query.

When a data user enters a query in the aggregating application, it will simultaneously retrieve the data accessible through the Accounts Register and each individual data retrieval system. The application then generates a reply to the person who made the query.

Register as an authority using the aggregating application

Customs and data users will decide together on the schedule and measures for deploying the aggregating application.

Data suppliers are responsible for their own applications, services and data connections with the query and reply interface, as well as for the costs these incur, and for any third parties whose involvement may be required.

Register your organisation as a user of the aggregating application by sending a free-form email to Customs at tilirekisteri(at)tulli.

Responsibility for correctness of data

The data transmitted to data users are specified in the Act on the Bank and Payment Accounts Control System. Data suppliers are responsible for making sure that their data is correct and up-to-date, and for correcting data found to be incorrect without undue delay. Data suppliers have the obligation to prove that the information is accurate and, when necessary, updated.

Disruptions and malfunctions

Customs will inform other parties about service disruptions and planned use interruptions that may affect data availability without delay. 

Possible changes to interface specifications 

Customs will release information on technical changes in the Bank and Payment Accounts Register in the interface descriptions, and by contacting the assigned contact persons.

If you notice something that needs changing, please email your proposal to Customs at