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Watch out for phishing messages relating to customs clearance

Publication date 23.11.2021 11.43 | Published in English on 2.12.2021 at 14.30
Press release

Various kinds of fraud messages relating to customs clearance are circulating to an increasing extent. The messages are not necessarily sent in Customs’ name, but can appear to be sent for example by Posti.

Messages in Posti’s name, for example, contain demands for a customs fee of two euros in order for a package to be delivered to the recipient. Phishing messages may also contain requests to pay handling fees relating to packages. Never click on any links in such messages, as they will take you to phishing websites.

Note that Customs transacts with customers as follows: 

  • Customs never sends any text messages.
  • Customs sends email only concerning customs clearances personally started by the customer in the Import Declaration Service for private persons or in the Customs Clearance Service. Customs sends email messages from an address ending with to the email address given by the customer in the customs declaration.

Once you have started a customs clearance, you can check your clearance status and any possible requests relating to it by logging in to our service on the website. You will find Customs’ e-services at

If you suspect a fraud, act quickly and contact your own bank and the Police. Specific instructions are available in Finnish and Swedish on the website of the Consumers’ Union of Finland: Varo, varmista ja varoita: Suomalaisilta viety tänä vuonna jo kymmeniä miljoonia nettihuijauksilla – näin suojaudut.

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