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The time limit for T transits going to Ireland can be extended

Publication date 4.2.2021 15.12
Press release

A customs office or an authorised consignor can grant longer time limits, such as 14 days, for T transits to Ireland. Extended time limits are due to the shortage of tractor units in internal UK traffic, which is why transports to Ireland may be delayed for several days. 

Authorised consignors do not have to contact Customs for extending time limits, rather they must archive a written justification for an extended time limit in their own transport data management system.

The time limit means the date set in the transit system of the customs office of departure by which the goods placed under the transit procedure must be presented at the customs office of destination specified in the transit declaration or at the authorised consignee’s facilities.   

The time limit for the transit procedure

  • The time limit includes the entire days; the current day is not part of the time limit. 
  • The days taken into account are always Finnish weekdays (weekends or public holidays are not part of the time limit).  

More information: yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at)

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