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Several products are subject to a ban on transit through Russia to third countries

Publication date 22.9.2023 14.03
Press release

Finnish Customs wants to call to mind that the packages of sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia include several product categories, such as tractor units for semi-trailers, that are covered by the prohibition on transit through Russia to third countries. It is the exporter’s responsibility to find out in advance what the effects are of the EU sanctions, including transit bans.

The prohibition against the transit of tractor units for semi-trailers via Russia to third countries entered into force with the 11th package of sanctions adopted in midsummer this year. The transit ban applies to all road tractors for semi-trailers with a maximum axle mass or 9 tonnes or more. The direct export of all types of tractor units to Russia is completely prohibited.
The 11th sanctions package meant that several product categories became subject to the transit prohibition. These are listed in Annexes VII, XI and XX of the sanctions regulation, and they include all the high-technology products, the goods and technology suited for use in aviation or the space industry and the aviation fuels mentioned in the regulation.
The first transit bans were issued in the 10th package of sanctions published in February, when so-called dual use products as well as firearms and ammunition were included in the transit ban.
Businesses and private individuals have the responsibility to verify in advance whether the goods intended for export are subject to EU sanctions or not. This also applies to the transit of export goods via third countries.

Customs released information on the entry into force of the 10th sanctions package on 25 February 2023 and of the 11th sanctions package on 23 June 2023. 
The European Union has imposed extensive import and export sanctions against Russia due the country’s invasion of Ukraine. As the implementing authority, Customs enforces sanctions as a part of normal customs enforcement.

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