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The time limit for T transits involving Åland can be extended

Publication date 11.5.2023 9.02
Press release

A customs office or an authorised consignor can grant time limits that are longer than usual – up to 5 calendar days – for T transits starting or ending in Åland. The extension is due to the share taken by sea transports.

The authorised consignor does not need to contact Customs to grant a longer time limit but they must archive written reasons for the extended time limit in their own transport data management system.

Time limit refers to the date set in the transit system by the customs office of departure, by which the goods placed under the transit procedure must be presented at the customs office of destination or at the facilities of an authorised consignee indicated in the transit declaration.

Time limit for transit

The time limit includes full calendar days, but not the current day. Only Finnish weekdays are included in the time limit (not weekends or public holidays). 

Instructions for authorised consignors ( will be updated when the new customs clearance system for transit is introduced on 2 September 2023.

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