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Subscribe to Customs’ service interruption and disruption notices to your email address

Publication date 11.8.2022 15.52
Press release

Ensure that you quickly receive information on planned interruptions and sudden disruptions in the Customs’ systems by subscribing to notices on disruptions to your email address. You can select the topics of notices you wish to receive. The notices are available in Finnish, Swedish or English. Subscribe on the page Disruption notices

Later, you can make changes to your subscription via the link at the end of the email notices. If you wish to add disruption notices that cover other topics to your subscription, please remember to also select the topics you’ve chosen previously, so that you receive information on all the topics you require. 

Notice on interruptions in advance

For service interruptions that are planned, we always send three notices: 

  • an advance notice one week prior to a service interruption 
  • a notice 30 minutes prior to the start of a service interruption 
  • a notice when the systems are functional again.

Using the fallback procedure during a disruption

In the service interruption and disruption notices, we inform the company of when the fallback procedure can be used. The fallback procedure means that, instead of submitting a customs declaration in the normal way, the company can submit a customs declaration in an exceptional way, for example by using a form instead of the online service. Read the instructions on using the fallback procedure

Subscribe also to other notices

You can also subscribe to Customs’ newsletters, so that you receive information on other current events, such as changes to customs declarations. Subscribe to Customs’ newsletters

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