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Presenting Union goods after an entry summary declaration is lodged in the ICS2 system

Publication date 27.6.2023 9.56
Press release

Union goods imported to the EU territory via a third country and for which an entry summary declaration has been submitted in the ICS2 system, are released from customs supervision once they are presented to Customs. Please observe that in that case you cannot use the goods item identifier in the presentation notification.

Present the goods by entering the transport document details without the goods item identifier, when

  • a previous entry summary declaration was submitted to the Commission’s ICS2 system and
  • all the goods in the house level transport document are Union goods and the code ‘FIPOU’ is used in the presentation notification.

If the goods are presented by specifying the goods item identifiers, the Union goods are not registered as having undergone customs clearance. In that case, the goods will be treated as non-Union goods and they are stored temporarily.

Using the ICS2 system for providing an entry summary declaration will be mandatory for air traffic from 1 July 2023, when the transition period for airlines ends. 

More information:

Presentation notification (FI332) and arrival notification and presentation (IE347)

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