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The EORI number

Importers and exporters will need an EORI number assigned by Customs for trade with non-EU countries (Customer notice 21 April 2020)

EORI is an EU-wide system for the registration and identification of economic operators. Most customs declarations in the EU require that an EORI number be provided.

In Finland, Customs is the authority responsible for assigning the EORI number, and Finnish companies are always registered for EORI in Finland. Registering for EORI means that Customs assigns the company an EORI number that the company must use to identify itself when transacting with customs authorities in any EU member state.

The EORI number is made up of a country code, FI, and the Business ID. EORI is short for Economic Operators Registration and Identification System.

If your company lodges any of the following declarations, you need an EORI number:

  • export declaration
  • import declaration 
  • entry summary declaration
  • summary declaration for temporary storage
  • presentation notification
  • upon arrival, unloading report on goods in temporary storage
  • transit declaration 
  • entry summary declaration
  • “arrival at exit” notification
  • exit manifest presentation
  • exit notification
  • application for obtaining Binding Tariff Information

Any transport operators mentioned in the above declarations must also be registered for EORI.

How do I apply for an EORI number?

Finnish applicants can apply for an EORI number via Customs online services. The mandate code used in this service is “Customs clearance”. Read here how to identify yourself and grant mandates in

Operators established in third countries (outside the European Union) must use the form in English. The information content of the application is different to the application meant for Finnish companies.

If the e-Services under Customs online services are not available for some reason, Finnish companies can apply for an EORI number using the application form in Finnish.

The EU Commission’s EORI Guidance document contains more specific information on registering for EORI and on the application of related legislation. The document is in English.

You can check the Commission’s EORI number validation service if your company already has valid EORI number.

How long will the application process take?

The average processing time for applications is two working days. Therefore, we recommend that businesses who do not yet have an EORI number apply for registration at least two working days before they lodge a customs declaration.

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