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MRN Search

In the MRN Search, you can check the status of a customs declaration based on the MRN of the declaration. The information in the search service is aimed at helping different operators within the declaration process to monitor customs declarations.

You can also check the status of the following declarations in the service:

  • the export declarations lodged in the EU where Finland is either the export country or the country of exit
  • the entry summary declarations and
  • summary declarations that are in the Finnish Safety and Security data system (AREX)
  • electronic customs warehousing declarations.

Missing MRN?

If you do not have a movement reference number (MRN), you should contact your transport company and ask for it. All declarations are given an MRN when Customs approves them for processing. Your transport company has received an MRN previously from Customs. You will need the MRN, for example, for an import clearance.