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You can submit a transit declaration in the Customs Clearance Service after 18 November 2023, only if you use identification

Publication date 13.9.2023 10.27
Press release

How to identify yourself in the Customs Clearance Service:

  • If you have online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card accepted for identification, identify yourself with one of them when you submit a declaration on the company’s behalf or in your own name.
  • If you are a foreign person and you submit a declaration on a company’s behalf, identify yourself using the Finnish Authenticator application.
  • If you don’t have codes for online banking, a mobile certificate or a certificate card accepted for identification and you wish to declare in your own name, you can’t use the Customs Clearance Service.
  • Identify yourself to the customs officer at the customs office using you passport, and present the transit details to the officer e.g. with a SAD form.

Be prepared for changes in the information content of the transit declaration

Changes to the information content of the transit declaration are e.g. the following:

  • In the future, the holder of the procedure must reserve the amount of guarantee with the transit declaration (the amount of duties and taxes).
  • The commodity code (HS code) must be provided at the level of six digits.
  • As a new detail, the customs office of exit must be provided for the transit when the consignment exits the EU, Norway or Switzerland (from the so-called security area) for another common transit country, such as the United Kingdom.

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