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Declaration reform is being carried out in stages

The EU customs legislation requires modernisation of customs declarations. New requirements for customs declarations will be applied when the renewed declaration systems specified at the EU-level are implemented in stages in accordance with the MASP of the Commission. The progress of the reform will be assessed annually and, when necessary, timetable changes will be confirmed by legislation.

According to the current schedule, new declarations will be introduced in Finland for example

  • for customs warehousing 2019
  • for import and temporary storage at the end of 2020
  • for export and transit 2021–2023

Customs warehousing declarations to be submitted to Customs electronically as of 1 June 2019

Declarations can be submitted either online in Customs’ e-service, or via direct message exchange.

From customer feedback to implementation

Finnish Customs provides support through the reform

We support our customers in many ways through the reform of our customs clearance system. We will arrange webinars and publish online recordings and various guides. We will publish instructions on customs declaration both as texts and as videos. We will inform of customer events separately.

  • Webinars (in Finnish)
  • Instructions for using the e-service (in connection with the publication of the service)
  • Instructions on procedures (on the pages for import, export, transport and warehousing)
  • Message exchange instructions

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