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Travelling by land from Lapland to Norway and back – remember to be prepared

Publication date 7.7.2023 10.15
Press release

Travellers should note that Norway is not an EU member state, which is why travelling between Finland and Norway involves customs formalities. Especially pet owners should be prepared for crossing the border.

Travelling from Finland to Norway by land is easy, but not many people note that there are customs formalities in place between the two countries. When you cross the border to Norway and you have goods to be declared, you must visit a customs office. The customs offices on the Finland-Norway border are located in Kilpisjärvi, Kivilompolo, Karigasniemi, Utsjoki, Polmak and Näätämö.

Many requirements involving pets

When you arrive at Customs, you should present your pet passport and the required certificates. The following must be in order for your pet to cross the border:

  • a pet passport either from the EU or Norway
  • an ID marking
  • an effective vaccination against rabies, and a certificate of the vaccination

These requirements serve to ensure that dangerous diseases such as rabies do not spread to other animals or persons in Finland.

Maximum of 300 euros worth of gifts free of tax and duty

When you return to Finland from Norway for example by car or bus, you can bring in purchases in your personal luggage free of tax and customs duty for a maximum value of EUR 300. However, the value limits for exemption from tax and customs duty do not concern alcohol, tobacco products and fuel for motor vehicles.

Imports of fresh fruit and vegetables from Norway are prohibited without a phytosanitary certificate, apart from pineapples, bananas, durians, coconuts and dates. Since it is almost impossible for a private person to get a phytosanitary certificate, it means that in practice fresh fruits, berries and vegetables cannot be brought to Finland from outside the EU.

Although imports of meat, meat products, milk and milk products from outside the EU are prohibited, Norway is an exception. The said products can be imported from Norway. There are no limitations to the quantity of import products, as long as the value of imports does not exceed the limits on gift imports, and the quantity is deemed reasonable for personal consumption.

Fishers and persons intending to import fish as a gift should note that Norway may restrict exports of fishery products. Also in Norway, fishing is subject to restrictions and requirements. Be sure to check all restrictions and instructions with the Norwegian customs authorities before your holiday.

Instructions from Finnish Customs to travellers returning to Finland

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