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Representative: Switch from Katso to identification and authorisations as soon as possible

Publication date 12.3.2021 10.49
Press release identification and authorisations replace the Katso service. It is important for companies to start using the service as soon as possible. The change requires measures by the company. Allocate time for this, so there are no disruption to your customs transactions. 

When logging in to Customs’ e-services, your identity is verified with identification. With authorisation, the company grants mandates to someone to carry out customs transactions on their behalf. 

How a representative (e.g. an accounting firm) is authorised varies with each transaction service.
In the following cases, the representative company can be authorised either in the service or in some other verifiable manner, for example with a forwarding agreement: 

  • Import clearance    
  • Export declarations
  • Entry and exit declarations

In the following cases, the only way to authorise someone is with authorisation:

  • Intrastat declarations
  • Åland tax border declarations
  • applying for authorisations valid in more than one Member State in the Customs Decisions System (CDS)
  • applying for binding tariff information decisions in the BTI service
  • Applying for AEO authorisations in the eAEO Service.
  • applying for INF numbers in the INF service for special procedures
  • Attachment Upload Service

Some other verifiable way than authorisation must be used for authorising a representative:

  • Customs warehousing

In the following online services, a representative (accountancy firm or forwarding agency) cannot be used at all:

  • ‘My details’ service
  • Message exchange testing service (IAT)
  • Transit declarations
  • Applying for an EORI number
  • Applying for a message exchange authorisation
  • The Authorisation Service identification and authorisation concerns the online services on Customs’ website. In message declaration, they are only used in the message exchange testing service. 

Please note that Customs does not recommend authorising a representative in the e-Authorization service to be used in the services CDS, BTI, eAEO and for INF Special Procedures, as the representative can view all the details of the principal. However, if the company nevertheless wants to use a representative, we recommend contacting Customs Business Information at yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at) before authorising a representative.

Check for more information on Customs’ website regarding authorisation in Customs’ e-services and How you grant a mandate in practice. 

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