authorisation in Customs’ e-services

The authorisation is an electronic indication of the person authorised to engage in customs transactions on behalf of their company.  See this site for our services where the authorisation is available  

Persons responsible for customs transactions are authorised in the e-Authorizations service.  A company’s CEO or any other person with the right to sign for the company grants the mandate. Once granted, a mandate is valid until the assignor deletes it.

Exception: Mandates are not needed if the CEO of the company handles the customs transactions. This arrangement does not concern a representative CEO.

Authorising a representative company

How a representative such as an accounting firm or a forwarding agency is authorised varies with each transaction service:  

1. must be used for authorizing a representative in the following services:

  • Intrastat declarations
  • Recapitulative statement for a customer with an Åland tax border number
  • Applying for authorisations valid in more than one Member State in the Customs Decisions System (CDS)
  • Applying for binding tariff information decisions in the BTI service
  • Applying for AEO authorisations in the eAEO Service.
  • Applying for INF numbers in the INF service for special procedures
  • Attachment Upload Service

Please note: Customs does not recommend that e-Authorizations be used in the services CDS, eAEO and INF Special Procedures, as the representative can view all the details of the principal. However, if you nevertheless want to use a representative, we advise you to contact Customs Business Information at yritysneuvonta(at)

2. To authorise a representative you must use, for example, a forwarding agreement in the Customs Clearance Service.

  • Import Declaration Service for businesses
  • Customs warehousing
  • Åland tax border declarations for businesses

3. In other services, you can grant the mandate for a representative company in the service or in the manner of your choice.

4. A representative company (accountancy firm or forwarding agency) cannot be authorised for transactions in the following electronic services:

  • “My details” service
  • Message exchange testing service (IAT)
  • Web Transit
  • Applying for an EORI number
  • Applying for a message exchange authorisation
  • Autohorisation

Instructions for granting a mandate

User support identification and authorisation:

  • Customer service for companies and organisations: Mon-Fri 10-15, tel. 0295 53 5115. At other times: organisaatiopalvelut(at)
  • Public Service Info: Mon-Fri 8-21 and Sat 9-15, tel. 0295 000, palveluneuvoja(at)  

Customs transactions:

  • Finnish Customs, yritysneuvonta(at), tel. 0295 5202, Mon - Fri 8-16


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