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Explanatory note by the EU Commission for interpreting legislation on imports of cars registered in Russia is under assessment

Publication date 11.9.2023 15.40
Press release

On Friday 8 September 2023, the EU Commission issued an explanatory note on the interpretation of circumstances around imports of vehicles such as privately used cars registered in Russia to the territory of the EU. Customs and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs are currently assessing the effects of the explanatory note on the situation in Finland.

The explanatory note by the EU Commission on Article 3i of Council Regulation 833/2014 on sanctions against Russia with regard to vehicles is a recommendation for interpreting legislation. Based on it, Member States will make their decisions regarding enforcement of sanctions. According to the explanatory note, it is not relevant whether the use of vehicles registered in Russia is private or commercial, as imports from Russia of all vehicles listed in Annex XXI to the Council Regulation are prohibited completely.

As for Finland, Customs and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs are currently supervising the assessment of the explanatory note. For the time being, the authorities will comply with the present interpretation.

Further information on the matter will be released as soon as possible.

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