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Scam messages circulating – don’t open suspicious links

Publication date 1.7.2021 13.00 | Published in English on 5.7.2021 at 10.44
Press release

Finnish Customs warns about scam messages that concern customs clearance and arriving consignments. These messages, supposedly from Posti or some other transport company can arrive by SMS or email. Links or attachments in these suspicious messages should never be opened.

These phishing messages often state that a consignment has arrived and you are asked to klick on a link. Currently there are also scam messages connected to the reform, which came into force on 1 July 2021 and whereby all purchases from outside the EU must be declared. These messages state, for example, that there is a consignment waiting to be declared and you are requested to pay the VAT for the consignment. 

The scam message can arrive to a message chain with genuine notices of arrival from the real sender, who the scammer is pretending to be. For example, the genuine notice of arrival from Posti tells you the pick-up point and the address. Posti does not ask for any personal details or request that you open any links.

Customs would like to remind you that links or attachments in suspicious messages should never be opened and the message should be deleted unopened.

An example of a scam message: 

[OmaPosti] You have a parcel that must be signed for, check: https//is.xx/xoxoxo_paketti-ID.2562

More information on circulating scam messages supposedly from Posti:

Postin nimissä liikkeellä huijausviestejä – ole erityisen tarkka tullaukseen liittyvissä viesteissä (, in Finnish)
Did you receive a text message in Posti’s name? Be careful as it may be a scam (National Cuber Security Centre)

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