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Muutoksia Tullin järjestelmissä 2.9.2023 – tietoa sanomailmoittajille

Publication date 9.8.2023 15.51 | Published in English on 23.8.2023 at 15.01
Press release

Customs’ systems will be upgraded on 2 September 2023. Customs’ message declarants are advised to note the upcoming changes.

Changes to entry declarations in the Customs Clearance System (UTU)

New features:

Improved features:

  • An error, which has prevented the notification of a service provider for the representative with a message, has been corrected.
  • An error, which prevented the presentation of goods declared as union goods at goods item level, has been corrected. When goods are presented with a house level transport document, all goods items of the house level transport document are presented. If the goods are presented at goods item level, only a certain goods item can be specified from the house level transport document. 
  • The warehouse ID entered in a temporary storage declaration can be corrected also after the presentation of the goods.
  • A telephone number can be entered with a contact request (FI399), without it causing an error message in the original declaration.

The changes may cause longer response times

The system alterations may cause delays in the message exchange and increase the number of incorrect messages. This in turn increases the number of declarations Customs has to process, which may temporarily result in longer response times. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these changes.

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