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Guidance on periodic clearance of sanctioned goods imported from Russia

Publication date 19.4.2022 11.34 | Published in English on 20.4.2022 at 16.11
Press release

The European Union has prohibited imports of certain goods from Russia through Regulation (EU) 2022/576. The goods are listed in Annex XXI. Some products, however, have been given a transition period. For example, wood products belonging to chapter 44 have a transition period until 10 July 2022 if an agreement between businesses, such as a commercial contract, has been concluded regarding the goods before 9 April 2022 (Article 1(13) Regulation (EU) 2022/576). You can continue importing these products using periodic clearance if you present the contract to Customs. If you are importing other goods, check the product coverage and transition period in the regulation in force. 

How to do the periodic clearance?

To declare goods belonging to chapter 44 using periodic clearance, proceed as follows:

1. In the simplified customs declaration, provide the contract numbers as declaration-specific details, if available. Provide the detail using, for example, the document code “3315 - Commercial contract”

2. The consignment note must mention the contract number and date, customs clearance number, authorisation number, the MRN of the entry summary declaration and other details required in the authorisation. You should also provide the number of the phytosanitary certificate and of the CHED-PP document, if required.

  • Customs will check that the number and date of the contract match the details provided in the consignment note. 
  • To speed up the border crossing, you can submit a copy of the commercial contract to the border customs office in advance. However, the contract must be submitted no later than when the consignment note is presented. 
  • The commercial contracts pertaining to opened periods must be submitted to the border customs office even if the contracts were not provided in the simplified declaration. 

3. In the supplementary customs declaration, enter all the commercial contracts for the goods imported during the period as additional documents.

Please note: The examination of the contract details will slow down the border crossing process, especially in cases where the commercial document has not been submitted to the customs office in advance. 

More information:
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