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Guidance for situations involving errors detected in the new customs clearance system

Publication date 4.6.2021 15.30
Press release

The new customs clearance system of Finnish Customs was updated on 29 May 2021. After the update, technical problems were detected in the system, some of which have been resolved this week. Due to these disruptions, the processing times for import and customs warehousing declarations have unfortunately become longer. 

If you’re lodging a declaration prior to the presentation of the goods (D declaration) and you’re only declaring part of the goods of a preceding T transit, the processing of the declaration will not proceed due to the technical problems. In these cases, you should use the A declaration, which is lodged after the presentation of the goods. You can also choose to submit the D declaration to the ITU system (via the service Import declarations for businesses – special procedures). If you are applying for quota benefit with the import declaration, you should submit an A declaration to ensure quota allocation.

If container identification numbers have been provided in the declaration header, they will not be shown on the movement permit printout due to the technical problems. By providing the container IDs separately for each goods item, the details will also be shown on the movement permit.

We will publish a new notice when the errors have been resolved.

Ensure that the type of representation has been provided correctly

It is important that the type of representation used be provided correctly in the customs declaration. If you want to use direct representation on guarantor’s responsibility, provide “2 – direct representation” as the status of representation, and the additional code “FITAK” to indicate that the representation used is direct representation on guarantor’s responsibility. If the type of representation has been incorrectly provided, you should submit a new declaration and ask Customs to invalidate the original declaration.

More information: yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at)

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