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Declarations made by entry in the import records (EIR) will change in autumn 2022, when the electronic presentation notification is introduced

Publication date 12.8.2021 9.00
Press release

Declarations made by entry in the records (EIR) will change in autumn 2022. Importers who are authorised to place goods under a customs procedure by entry in their own records (EIR), must in the future submit an electronic presentation notification. Authorisation holders must also lodge a supplementary customs declaration within the specified time limit. The change will enter into force when the revised simplified import declarations are introduced in autumn 2022.

Changes to declarations made by EIR

The change will have the following effects:

  • Holders of the EIR authorisation shall submit an electronic presentation notification.
  • There will be changes to the data content of the supplementary customs declaration.
  • Customers using the online service will start lodging their declarations in the Customs Clearance Service.
  • Message declarants must update their authorisations and test the new declarations with Customs.

We will publish the message implementing guidelines for the new declarations on our website about a year before the declarations are introduced.

Operators can apply for exemption from the mandatory presentation notification

Holders of the EIR authorisation are, in accordance with the authorisation instructions, currently exempted from lodging an advance notification, unless Customs specifically asks for it. In the future, all authorisation holders must be prepared to lodge an electronic presentation notification. The presentation notification is an electronic notification that will replace the current advance notification mentioned in the instructions on the EIR authorisation.

The operator can, however, apply for exemption from lodging the presentation notification. Exemption may be granted if the following conditions are met:

  • The applicant is an AEOC or AEOF.
  • The applicant’s goods flows and the nature of the goods concerned justify it.
  • The supervising customs office has access to all information, so that it can examine the goods if it so wishes.
  • The goods are not subject to prohibitions or restrictions.

More information: UCC(at)

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